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Customer Privacy Policy

Siam JNK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We”) gives highest priority to protect the personal data of the customers, including those corporations who operate for customers (hereinafter referred to as “You”). And to ensure that your personal data is protected, therefore, this privacy policy is formed to provide you the details relating to the collecting, using and disclosing (collectively called “processing”), including deleting and destroying your personal information, both online channels and other channels as required by the Personal Data Protection Act as follows:

1. Purpose of processing personal data

1.1 To process your request before making a contract or to perform a contract as a contract party with us, for example, providing services to you, or performing any contracts, including managing your accounts, processing accounts and finances, providing services, and taking any action for you to receive the services; or per your request. Also, it includes any processes in accordance with the rental, leasing, subleasing, lease holding, or being a broker for us.

1.2 For our legitimate interests or those of others

(1) To enable us to manage, develop and take any action to enable business operations. This includes taking any action to comply with the franchise license. Management and development of products and/or services (including websites and applications) fraud detection and prevention or other crimes; customer and potential customer relationship management; maintenance and use of IT systems.

(2) For the benefit of safety, such as providing security measures, this includes your personal data, such as an access to our premises, log in system to the website or application.

(3) To carry out Marketing and Data Analysis, such as notifying news and privileges via e-mail, SMS, applications, social media, telephone, direct mail, including the market research, such as doing questionnaire and  interviewing.

(4) To exercise the legal claims

1.3 To prevent and suppress dangers to life, physical conditions or health of you or others such as emergency contact, control and prevention of contagious disease.

1.4 To be able to comply with the law, such as complying with the provisions of the law, rules and orders of those with legal authority.

1.5 To perform our duties in the public interest or to perform duties in accordance with the state authority.

1.6 Where you have given your consent, we will process personal data

(1) To allow us, our group companies and our partners to send news and benefits via e-mail, SMS, applications, social media, telephone and direct mail.

(2) To allow us to carry out activities other than those mentioned above which may require your additional personal information. We will notify and ask for your consent again from time to time.

In this regard, you can learn more about the consent at item 4.

2. The collected personal data

2.1 When you rent, sublease, leasehold the real estate that you accept or are interested in being a broker including being a member of a website, application or privilege card, we will collect your personal data as follows:

(1) Personal information such as name, surname, date of birth, status, address, information specified in the identification card, passport, Facebook ID, Line ID, photos of your house, house design, conversation history, health history (only if you use health services)

(2) Contact information such as email address, telephone number, address, contact information on social media, workplace.

(3) Information about your work, such as occupation, position, work experience.

(4) Information about the purchase of goods and/or services, such as purchase history, history of product claims, and complaints.

(5) Financial information such as bank account numbers, credit/debit card information, income information, benefits, payment history, income, bank account number.

(6) Information you provide when you contact us or we take care of after-sales service, research and interviews.

2.2 When you visit and/or buy products online or visit websites or applications, we will collect your personal information as follows:

(1) Information related to subscription (Registration) such as first name, last name, email, mobile phone number, password.

(2) Information about the electronic device you use, such as IP address, location data, other device identifiers.

(3) The type and version of the browser you use including the type and version of the browser plug-in.

(4) Time zone setting.

2.3 When you visit the store or our area, your image and audio data from our video recording system will be collected. This information may identify your identity. We do not collect audio data via our CCTV. However, the sign is notified before you enter the area where CCTV cameras are operated.

2.4 When you contact us or participate any activities with us, such as contacting the Contact Center, doing Customer Satisfaction, various privilege activities, we will collect your personal data such as:

(1) Personal information such as name, surname, date of birth, photograph, ID card number, driver’s license number, passport number, health information.

(2) Contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number, address.

(3) Information about activity participating such as previous activity participation, photos of each activity.

2.5 We may need to collect and process sensitive categories of personal data as compulsory by Personal Data Protection Act such as:

(1) Information needed for our security purposes, such as biometric information (facial recognition, fingerprints) for identification purposes.

(2) In some cases, we may collect sensitive categories of your personal data even if the product or service is not directly associated with sensitive types of information. For example, we need your ID card, which contains religious information to be used to verify your identity or conducting tax.

(3) Health information such as food allergy information for use in various activities.

2.6 Where necessary, we will only process your sensitive personal data with your explicit consent or for other purposes as required by law. We will use our best efforts on adequate security measures to protect your sensitive personal data.

2.7 In case of granting the right to lease, rent, sublease, leasehold the real estate, including being a broker for us, we will collect related personal data (such as directors, employees, workers and customers, including your associates), such as:

(1) Personal information such as name, surname, nickname, date of birth, photograph, information specified in the identification card and/or driving license.

(2) Contact information such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media contacts, addresses, telephone numbers. and business fax numbers

(3) Job related information such as occupation, position, date of commencement, job type, factory affiliation, work and training history.

(4) Educational information such as educational qualifications.

3. Cookies

We use cookies to collect personal information in accordance with the Cookies Policy.

4. Obtaining Consent and Possible Consequences of Withdrawing Consent

4.1 Where we collect and process personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent given to us at any time. The withdrawal of this consent will not affect the collection, use, disclosure or processing of personal data for which you have given consent.

4.2 If you withdraw the consent that you have given us, or refuse to provide certain information, we probably are unable to fulfill some or all of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

4.3 If you are under 20 years of age, please provide us with parental details before giving consent so that we can also obtain parental consent.

5. Retention period of personal data

5.1 We will retain your personal data to the necessary period, to achieve the purposes for each type of personal data unless the law permits a longer retention period. In the event that the retention period of personal data cannot be clearly specified, we will retain information for a period of time in accordance with the standards for which it is collected (e.g., a maximum statutory limit of 10 years).

5.2 We provide a monitoring system to delete or destroy personal data when the retention period has expired or is irrelevant or beyond the necessity of the purpose for which the personal data is collected.

5.3 Where we use your personal data with your consent, we will process such personal data until you request to withdraw your consent and we have completed your request. However, we will retain your personal data to the extent period for a historical record of whether you have withdrawn your consent so that we can respond to your requests in the future.

6. Disclosure of personal data to other people

6.1 We disclose and share your personal data with

(1) Companies in the group and companies in the group of alliances who provide services for renting, leasing, real estate brokers.

(2) Other individuals and legal entities that are not companies in our group (“Other Parties”) to fulfill the purposes for which personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy, such as our distributors, courier service providers (e.g. postal), third party service providers who provide services and perform functions under our control, such as assisting in distributing advertisements for our products and services or providing you the assistance and services, financial service providers (e.g. banks, payment processors), technology service providers (e.g. cloud, blockchain, SMS services, data analytics), programming and IT systems providers, inspectors, insurers, consultants, government agencies (such as the Revenue Department, Anti-Money Laundering Commission) and any other person necessary to enable us to provide business and services to you, including taking any action for the purposes of collecting and processing personal data as specified in this Privacy Policy.

6.2 We will require data recipients to take appropriate measures to protect your data and only process such personal data as necessary while we take steps to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information.

7. Sending or transferring personal data abroad.

7.1 We may send or transfer your personal data to our affiliates or other third parties abroad where necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or as an action under a contract between us and another person or corporation for your benefit, or for the purpose of processing your request before entering into a contract, or to prevent or to suppress a danger to the life, physical condition or health of you or another person, to comply with the law or as necessary to carry out an important public interest mission.

7.2 We may store your information on computer servers or Clouds provided by other parties, and may use third-party programs or applications in the form of providing ready-made software services to process your personal data. But we will not allow unrelated parties access to personal information. And we will require those other people to have appropriate security protection measures.

7.3 In the event that your personal data is sent abroad, we will comply with Personal Data Protection Act and take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is protected, and that you can legally exercise your rights relating to your personal data. In addition, we will require the person receiving the information to take appropriate measures to protect your information and process such personal information only as necessary, and take steps to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information by others.

8. Security measures for personal information

8.1 The security of your personal data is important to us and we have implemented appropriate technical and administrative security standards to protect personal data from loss, unauthorized access, use or disclosure, misuse alteration and destruction using security technologies and procedures such as encryption and restricted access. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your personal data and that these individuals are trained on the importance of protecting personal data.

8.2 We provide appropriate security measures to prevent loss, access, use, change, correction, disclosure of personal data from those who do not have rights or obligations related to that personal data. And we will review such measures as necessary or as technology changes in order to provide appropriate security effectiveness.

9. Rights regarding your personal data

9.1 You have rights under the Personal Data Protection Act, summarized as follows:

(1) Withdraw the consent you have given us to process your personal data.

(2) Request to view and copy your personal data or request to disclose the source of your personal data.

(3) Send or transfer your personal data contained in electronic format as required by Personal Data Protection Acts to other data controllers.

(4) Objection to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data relating to you.

(5) Delete or destroy or make your anonymous personal data.

(6) Suspend the use of your personal data.

(7) Correct your personal data to be accurate, current, complete and not misleading.

(8) Complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee in the event that we or our personal data processors, including our employees or contractors or data processors violate or fail to comply with data protection Act.

In this regard, we will consider and notify the result of consideration per your request for the exercise of rights as soon as possible within 30 days from the date we receive such request. And the rights mentioned above is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

9.2 You can exercise your legal rights through channels. “Privacy Settings and Rights” according to various websites to which you have provided personal information:  In the event that you do not provide information through the informed website, please inform your inquiries by contacting 02-286-3014. (The right will begin to be exercised when the Personal Data Protection Act are applicable to the data controller).

10. Information about data controllers and personal data protection officers

10.1 Data Controller: Siam JNK Co., Ltd. (Head Office) 8 Rat Burana 29, Rat Burana Sub-district, Rat Burana District, Bangkok 10140.

10.2 In case you have any inquiries about Personal Data Protection, please contact telephone number 02-286-3014, fax number: 02-213-1566.

In case of any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will announce a new privacy policy through this website. You should periodically check for changes to the Privacy Policy. The new Privacy Policy will take effect immediately on the date of the announcement.