About Us

About us

SIAMJNK is a professional Warehouse Rental business provider, managed under the concept: “The Best Location For Your Business”. With the SIAMJNK management team’s expertise in developing the logistics industry structure for the ultimate value all through inbound area of Bangkok and neighbor provinces, we are confident in a promising opportunity to develop our Warehouse Network to cover the rapidly growing logistics industry in Asia and Southeast Asia.

 In the year 2012, SIAMJNK initially managed a 30-year land leasing of 19 rais* (*about 3.04 hectares) at Chan Road, Sathorn district of inbound Bangkok. The 50-unit Warehouses for rental were operated and they embraced the good responses from import & export business owners including logistics industry, where the current economic growth is moving under the global competition with superior business database and corporate agility.

          Later in 2015, SIAMJNK had expanded its Warehouse business enhancement by extending the 30-year land leasing of 40 rais* area (* about 6.4 hectares) at Rat Burana district and developed into the 50-unit Warehouses for rental. The business was managed under the strengthening vision to position SIAMJNK to be “The First boutique Warehouse in Thailand”, with an aspiration to exceed the customers’ needs either local and global import-export manufacturers, and to support the business growth of the young entrepreneurs and young SMEs new generations. We are professionally expertise in Warehouse design to meet the multi-functional requirement of the industrial entrepreneurs who are looking for the modern, flexible and agile way of working.

The expert architects, who have a skilled sense of building design to meet the nowadays Life Styles and Passions, and who succeeded the building design of many leading condominium projects in Thailand, are teamed up. Regarding the location itself at Rat Burana 29 area close to Rama 9 bridge, the 40-rai newly developed SIAMJNK Warehouse is inspired under the concept: Less for More. The most astounding part of the project area is created into the outstanding design that meets the customer satisfaction in terms of service outreach and architectural attractiveness. This truly creates a pleasant environment of working as well as meetings and seminars under the scenic riverside of the Chao Phraya River, flanked by Rama 9 Bridge and Bhumibol Bridge.

According to the above vision, the “WLUBHOUSE” concept is crystallized to make the Warehouse at Rat Burana 29 area outstanding with over 400 square meter common area and the scenic view of Chao Phraya River. Wrapped in a golden amber façade, WLUBHOUSE is truly surrounded by a group of minimal yet elegant and luxurious Warehouse. Its interior design is decorated with transparent glass walls, revealing a panoramic view of   Chao Phraya River and Rama IX Bridge. All facilities are fully equipped for the tenants with an ultimate flexibility, agility and reasonable price, while connecting the Smart Entrepreneur and SMEs Entrepreneur network in the project to exceptionally experience “The First boutique Warehouse in Thailand” beyond other warehouses. All of these are the main reasons that make the Warehouse managed by SIAMJNK distinct, with our perfectly creative and flexible concepts that responds all customers’ needs all through the inbound area of Bangkok.

SIAM JNK is “The First Boutique Warehouse in Thailand”, where provocatively presents the Warehouse with design, and with a central Clubhouse. This outstands the central “WLUBHOUSE” Clubhouse surrounded by those warehouse buildings, which totally changes the stereotype image of the warehouse in general into the minimal yet elegant Warehouse. And it excellently fulfills the customer satisfaction with the complete facilities for tenants under the concept ‘Less for More’ – – Flexible, Distinct, and Creative